Resident Engineer

Water Resource Management
Sibiu, Sibiu
July 14, 2017

Job Description

Louis Berger is an internationally recognized consulting firm that provides engineering, architecture, program and construction management, environmental planning and science, and economic development services. For nearly 60 years, we have been a devoted and trusted partner to U.S. federal, state, and local government agencies; national, provincial, and local governments; multilateral institutions; and commercial industry. To this diverse client base we bring strategic vision and an entrepreneurial spirit, developing innovative solutions to the world’s most challenging problems.

Main Responsibilities:
* Manages and carries out the specific activities described in the terms of the works contracts within the limits of the delegation of authority issued by the Team Leader. The delegation of authority does not exclude the need to obtain the Beneficiary’s approval when expressly required by the contract
* Ensure management of supervisory services
* Manages monthly meetings with the Contractor
* Participates in meetings with the Beneficiary
* Ensure the application of the procedures in the Surveillance Procedures Manual to the designated supervising team
* Perform, together with the supervising team, the tasks related to the measurement of the works and the payment certification to the Contractor
* Will contribute to the reports required by the service contract
* Will analyze, notify the Contractor of any nonconformities and approve the execution schedule; Will monitor and report actual progress compared to the approved program
* Will instruct the Contractor to submit proposals for accelerating the pace of execution of works in situations where it is too slow or below the planned level
* Will check the Contractor’s execution procedures
* Receive information from the Contractor about the completion of the works and the availability of the reception
* Participate in testing the works
* Participates in the elaboration of the Technical Paper of Construction
* Participate in checking the « as-built » documentation prepared by the Entrepreneur
* Will certify payments to the Contractor on the basis of the works and supporting documents submitted by the Contractor in accordance with the provisions of the Works Contract
* Organize inspection of works during the fault notification period
* Participates in the reception at the end of the works and at the final reception.

Required Skills

Higher education graduates with a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in the technical field;

Required Experience

General professional experience

* At least 8 years of professional experience

* Of which at least 5 years in the coordination of works / activities in the field of drinking water and / or waste water.

* Attestation as site engineer in the required field according to national legislation.

Specific professional experience

To coordinate the execution of the works or the supervision (construction supervision) of the works in a contract for works in the field of drinking water and / or wastewater, having a value of minimum 3.000.000 Euro.